VisionTek 900344 from $81.35
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VisionTek 900344 from $81.35


New: $123.83   134.95,134.94,129.99,120.00,139.67,139.36,134.99,132.99,142.56,143.44
Used: $81.35   49.00,129.49,127.00,124.99,119.99,109.99,95.00,130.00,115.00,90.00

* High Definition 3D Performance & Image Quality for Your PC. Full DX11, DX 10 and DX9 capability, Short bracket (SFF) and Tall bracket (ATX) capable, 3-port DVI functionality
* ATI Eyefinity Compliant with next-generation DirectX 11, ATI Eyefinity Technology with DisplayPort connectivity
* Avivo Video and Display Technology Avivo technology connects to high-resolution displays and home entertainment devices and produces vibrant colors
* Quick Specs ATI RADEON 5450 GPU @ 650MHz, High speed DDR3 Memory, 512MB on board memory, x16 PCI Express
* 3 year limited warranty

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