Gigabyte GV-R775OC-1GI from $870.45
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Gigabyte GV-R775OC-1GI from $870.45


Used: $870.45   79.83,79.79,80.18,80.14,79.81,76.42,78.08,77.61,79.28,84.56

* Gigabyte Ultra Durable 2 Components - Ultra Cooling Low RDS(on) MOSFET Design - Low Power Loss Ferrite Core Chokes - Longer Life All-Solid Capacitor Design
* Gigabyte Custom-Designed 100mm Fansink for maximum cooling efficiency and whisper silent operation.
* Core Clock: 880MHz - Memory Clock: 5000MHz
* Features DVI-I/D-SUB/HDMI outputs with HDCP protection.
* Minimum Recommended System power supply 450W.

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